What is ALI

Ali per Giocare - Associazione Italiana dei Ludobus e delle Ludoteche is a no-profit association based in Frosinone.

The purpose of the association is the elaboration, promotion, realization of social solidarity projects, including the accomplishment of socio-educational and cultural initiatives, in compliance with the principles of the Italian Constitution and in full respect of the human, cultural and spiritual dimension of the individual.

The association pursues aims of social and civil solidarity in the fields of education, animation, social assistance, training, protection of rights and promotion of culture, in particular the culture of play, through the expression of requests and projects of those who operate in the territory with recreational, educational and socio-cultural projects, based on the affirmation of the right to play through the action of equipped vehicles (Ludobus) and the activity in permanent structures (Ludoteche).


ALI per Giocare, the Association of Italian Ludobuses, was founded on October 2, 1998 in Parma.

This is the arrival of a journey that began in Brixen in November 1996 on the occasion of the 27th International Ludobus Congress. At that event, a group of play operators discussed various topics and the intention to create an environment in which Italian Ludobuses, like in England since 1982 and in Germany since 1992, could recognize each other, exchange information and experiences, find answers to problems that directly concern them was expressed. The final decision and a first formalization took place during the 1st National Meeting of Ludobuses, held in Parma from 14 to 16 May 1998 with the participation of 320 operators and about fifteen Ludobuses from all over Italy. In that year many new projects were born, especially thanks to the fact that the law 285/97 officially recognized the Ludobus as a "good practice" for the promotion and development of rights and opportunities for children and adolescents.

The Parma Meeting was followed over the years without interruption by 9 National Meetings, the last, the tenth, was held in Benevento in September 2007. Since 2007, LUDOBUSSI' , the National Festival of the Itinerant Play, has been established, which had its sixth edition in Frosinone in May 2012.

On January 31, 2004, during the extra-ordinary meeting of the members, held in Montesilvano (PE), the decision was taken to end the long debate started within the association and to extend to the toy libraries the possibility to join ALI per Giocare. The name of the association has therefore become:

"ALI per Giocare - Associazione Italiana dei Ludobus e delle Ludoteche".

The Association aims to represent the requests and projects of those who work in the territory with recreational, educational and socio-cultural projects based on the promotion of the right to play and active citizenship, through the action of mobile equipment (Ludobus) and the activity in permanent structures (Ludoteche).

Since 2003, the Association has promoted and organized the National Training Course for Ludobus Animators that reaches its 9th edition in 2012.

In 2011, the Association promoted and organized the first National Training Course for toylibrarian in collaboration with the City of Carpi, home of one of the first toylibraries in Italy.

In 2008 ALI per Giocare wrote the  CARTA DEI LUDOBUS DI ALI PER GIOCARE, a fundamental reference document, which was joined in 2009 by the CARTA DELLE LUDOTECHE DI ALI PER GIOCARE.

In 2010 ALI per Giocare summoned multiple realities, who deal with toylibraries all over Italy, to a Table of Discussion on toylibraries. The work of the Table led, in 2011, to the approval of the CARTA NAZIONALE DELLE LUDOTECHE ITALIANE: guidelines for the quality of the service of the toylibrary, the first shared document produced in Italy, which defines the purpose, characteristics, indicators of the quality of the toylibrary as a public service for playing.


  • the coordination and comparison of the various experiences and methodologies of recreational and socio-cultural pedagogy active in Italy;
  • the research, counseling  and development of methodologies for the mobile and fixed structures and of play and learning processes related to the social and natural environment;
  • the promotion of a collective and shared project action at national, European and international level on the thematic areas of play, rights, animation, socio-cultural pedagogy and communication in general;
  • the active collaboration with all those who are interested and committed in the areas of socio-cultural intervention;
  • the organization of meetings and conferences both at national and international level;
  • the representation of the Italian toylibraries and ludobuses at national and international level;
  • the production, collection and divulgation of the documentation related to the experience of ludobuses and toylibraries in Italy and abroad.